Hooked On Classics Appraisals

Hooked On Classics has been in the classic car business since 1986. Daryl Kirt, founder and President has been appraising and selling cars since the early 70's. A few years ago, Daryl was approached by a University to teach one of their courses on classic cars. After careful consideration of the University's offer, Daryl decided that his course would not be complete without the tools he had at Hooked On Classics. As a result, Daryl conducted his first Classic Car Appraisal course in 2004. In 2006, Daryl discovered that he was giving his students the tools and ethics needed to properly do an appraisal, but the public was having a hard time finding these qualified appraisers. This website is the result of his discovery.

Every appraiser that Hooked On Classics sends out has attended our intense 32 hour hands on course.
At a University, that would be a whole semester of training!
Hooked On Classics Appraisals is easy.

Simply click on Get a Quote, fill out the information and we will get back to you with a profile of an appraiser nearest to your location and a quote on the appraisal. Appraisals are $250 for services within 30 miles of the appraiser's location. Appraisals that are located over 30 miles from the appraiser are subject to a $.50 per mile travel charge. Contact us for a quote on Inspections. Inspection prices will vary depending on the extent of the inspection. Please be specific on what needs to be inspected on the vehicle.

Don't be fooled.

A car appraisal is one of the most important steps you can take with your Classic Car; it protects your investment in many ways. Before you settle on an Appraisal Company do your research. Our research has shown that many companies send out an individual who takes notes and pictures of the car and then sends the notes and pirctures to corporate headquarters. At headquarters someone behind a desk decides how much your car is worth. These companies will tell you that their appraisers are "certified" however there is no standard to this "certification" the government does not regulate Classic Car Appraisers these companies are declaring themselves certified. Be street smart, do your research, and pick a trained Appraiser.